Announcing the Newest Pontiac Tunnel Ram by Larry Wenzler

Here you go Pontiac race fans. This is the latest and greatest tunnel ram for Pontiacs. Now you can take advantage of the high flow numbers obtainable with the Wenzler Series II Aluminum Pontiac Race heads. You don't have to go to custom fabricated and very expensive tunnel ram intakes...

This design incorporates all the latest flow technology!

Straight Runners Tapered Walls Removable Tops Nitrous/ Injection Bosses

Larger than Stock R.A. IV Port Openings

Huge Port Openings at the Plenum

No other Pontiac manifold can supply your racing engine the way the Gutsram can!

Port size at the head is:
1 1/4" WIDE X 2 1/4" TALL

Available now - Single Dominator top for the G'ram.

Pyramid design with carb mounting in-line.
Price for top alone is $65.00

for just $379
Water crossover not included
NOTE: New price as of June 1, 2008
There have been no price increases for the last 10 years.
Due to the increased cost of transportation, aluminum, etc. I have been forced to make this latest price increase.

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