The ultimate Pontiac Race head ! !

Capable of 400 cfm intake flow.
Intake ports measure 1 3/8" x 2 3/8"
1 3/4" dia. exhaust ports

Will accept 2.300" intake and 1.800" exhaust valves.
12 degree valve angle.

Raised exhaust ports for superior flow.

Optimized combustion chambers.

These heads feature:
Raised intake ports.
CNC'd combustion chambers (click here for photo)
Intake suface raised to allow use of standard intake manifolds (Gutsram recommended)
You must drill four holes in standard manifolds as the outermost mounting holes
have been moved 1/2" outward.
Raised exhaust ports (custom headers required) - ( I can supply exhaust plate flanges $95 /set.)
Rocker shaft system required.
Requires minimum bore size of 4.25"

One pair of fully machined heads with seats and guides installed - $1,379.00
Get yourself ready for the next season now!
SuperChief - Super Deal - heads and T&D rocker shaft system only $2,149.00
That's a savings of $150
SuperChief heads alone - NOW $1,249.00
$500.00 deposit required.
Part number 600-010

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