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Pontiac Performance Parts
Pontiac Performance Parts at reasonable prices

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The SuperChief is here
Over 400 cfm flow potential

New price blowout.
If you've ever thought about "stepping it up a notch", now's the time.
Click on the SuperChief to find out more.

The absolute best Pontiac tunnel ram.

The best just got better! New, single dominator pyramid top for the G'ram.
Click the G'ram to see.

Click here for info on the original Wenzler tunnel ram.

Click here for info on the Wenzler Series II Aluminum cylinder heads.
New pricing - buy NOW!!
Click the Series II heads to learn more.

Click here for the new WENZLER SuperChief intake gaskets.

Click here for info on intake gaskets.

Click here for info on the new oil filter adapter.


Used racing parts. Nice site.Try em out.
Paul Spotts Performance site. Check it out! Bulletin board and chat as well as Pontiac stuff!
You've got to check this out! New Performance Years site.Features new improved post forums.
School of Automotive Machinists
BOP ENGINEERING - Belt cam drive with other neat Pontiac stuff.
Here's a real Pontiac "Extremist"
"On The Ground Performance"

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